WHAT IS Hier Self

Hier Self, LLC is a multi-functional business dedicated to uplifting others. 

The word HIER is derived from the word "hierarchy" meaning "upper echelon or point of authority." The overall focus is to help clients realize their greatest strengths and work toward achieving self-actualization. Hier Self, LLC Founder Nova Walton-Marriott offers Individual and Group Career, Life and Parent Coaching as well as Motivational Workshops on Bully Awareness, Parenting and Vision.   


Parent Coaching

As the parent of a son in the US Army, former parole and probation agent and through my education and experience in training and development, I have mastered the art of bringing out the best in others and offer the very best of myself. I listen without judgment and nurture positivity while encouraging others to do that for themselves.

My parent coaching helps parents nurture their children from the "bottom/up" using a foundation based on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”.  I offer individual and group coaching through comprehensive workshops and focus on the following relationships:

·        Mother

·        Father

·        Mother/Child

·        Father/Child

·        Mother and Father/Child

Workshop topics include:


·        Parenting Style


·        Authority


·        Positive Parenting Principles


·        Unconditional Love


·        Self-Esteem


·        Taking initiative and being responsible


·        Health and Hygiene


·        Patience and Conflict Resolution


·        Positive Self-Talk


·        Choices


·        Safety


·        Assertiveness


·        Voice Tones


·        Feelings and Forgiveness


·        Attitude and Stress

Empowerment Coaching

The life component derived from my desire for more personal fulfillment and my passion for making a difference in people’s lives.  I took an online life coach certification training, continued to research and slowly embarked on this entrepreneurial journey.  I’m personally experienced in navigating through some of the same life journeys my current and prospective clients are faced with, as represented in my self-published memoir “The Sleeper Has Awakened-My journey to enlightenment, healing and forgiveness”.


I wish to help my clients realize what already exists within them so they begin to move into a purpose-filled life.  I believe we should live the very best life God has appropriated for us by being fully present, honest with ourselves and curious.  In doing that, we are capable of living a life based on passion and purpose hence, my slogan “Aiming For MY Hier Self”. I am the recipient of a Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice and Security from University of Phoenix Online as well as a second Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Development from Towson University.

Additional Workshops

Anti-Bullying Workshops:

Focused on Awareness, Sensitivity and Preventative Tactics. Target audience: School aged kids-4th grade to 9th grade

Parenting Workshops:

Focused on assisting parents in strengthening their parent/child relationship.  Creating or Rebuilding a healthy family dynamic.

Vision & Self-Awareness Workshops:

Focused on building Self-Esteem, Self-Awareness and Vision for the future.

Career Workshops:

Purpose to assist clients in gauging a career fit for them along with resume and job site guidance.   


Editing & Resume Writing Services

1. Copy Editing: Correcting Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation and other mechanical issues.

2. Development & Structure: Correcting Inconsistencies, Clarity and Flow.

3. Proofreading: Final reading after editing.

Final copy will include all track changes so the  client can see all edits.